**please note, praise below includes testimonials offered from coaching clients and workshop participants.  Praise is not included from psychotherapy clients.**

Ann Lotwin Ann Lotwin, www.annlotwin.com

Working with Jenev has been literally, a Godsend. While I am an entrepreneur, in all honesty the issues in my relationship started long before I went into business for myself. Working for myself just made things worse. We had two big issues; communication and trust. It seemed like most conversations ended up in a fight (that never got resolved and so affected every aspect of our relationship) and my lack of trust led to control issues and him not feeling necessary or needed in our relationship. All in all it was a big mess and I actually went into the coaching with Jenev pretty sure we were going to dissolve the relationship. Fast forward 3 months and things are completely different! Through Jenev, we actually learned how to communicate effectively and in the process have developed a relationship I didn’t think was possible. Jenev seems to listen with her whole being and provided such a safe, non judgmental and attentive space for us to say what we needed, to express what was truly there and be real. I learned where my trust issues came from and what they were really about. My husband got to see where he had shut down and became more trusting himself. We’ve been able to remove the respective walls and barriers we’d each built and actually generate a relationship that’s fun, fulfilling, supportive and so loving!  We have been married 15 years and things are actually better than when we first got together. It’s like we no longer want to be right, we want to be happy. So we work at hearing what’s really going on for the other person and look for ways to support each other.  Is everything perfect? No, it isn’t, but perfection isn’t the goal. Love, enjoying each others company, fun and intimacy are and it’s SO much better than it was. We continue to meet weekly for our “chat’s” and have a saying: there’s our relationship BJ and AJ (before and after Jenev). We use our weekly chats to check in with each other; it keeps us on track so nothing gets overlooked or swept under the rug. I had no idea how being supported in this way would make such a difference and wish I’d worked with Jenev sooner. Thank you Jenev!!  Mad, MAD love!!! xo”

Juliet Turalski Juliet Turalski, www.julesinspired.com

“I came to the point where I had some really amazing success in my business, but yet I was feeling disconnected in my relationship, and I was putting it on the back burner, thinking maybe it would one day shift.  I realized it wouldn’t just shift, and I had to make that decision, so that’s why I sought Jenev out. Jenev held such a safe space that I knew we weren’t able to create on our own, and it allowed for us to be much more in tune to come into connection and acknowledge the pieces we weren’t on the same page about. The experience was really special in that way – it was just what we needed to come into more clarity and to create the connection that was essential for us. By accessing Jenev and what she has to offer, I was able to go to the next level of how I was showing up in my business, be more in my power and in alignment with what I’m really here to do.  My relationship was the missing link for me in keeping me from fully showing up in my business. Creating this deeper emotional connection with my partner also allowed me to really own what I know as far as wealth consciousness and the direction of my business. It was a space where he really got to see what it was all about. He got to see more of me and I got to see more of him in the process. Having more clarity around my desires and allowing myself to feel that and express that to him was absolutely key.  I was previously blinded by what was keeping me personally disconnected. This experience was probably the most profound thing I could have gifted to myself.  Not only for my own internal expression to him and for him to see that, but for my business as well.  We absolutely could not have done this on our own.  What Jenev offers is so valuable and is just starting to be a conversation in the entrepreneurial world.  It really is a revolution that you’re stepping into.”

Jill Hendrickson, Transformational Writing Coach Jill Hendrickson, Transformational Writing Coach, www.JillHendrickson.com

“My coaching session with Dr. Jenev Caddell totally blew me away. I wasn’t sure what we were going to talk about because I’m not in a relationship as of this writing– but that became the topic of a rocking session! I’ve been taking a break from romance because I’m so busy building my business and because of a couple traumatic relationships. She helped me sort through some things and showed me that I actually have options. Talking with her uplifted me so much that after the session, I felt totally refreshed. I highly recommend her!”

Pamela Maloney, PhD, DHM, LAc Pamela Maloney, PhD, DHM, LAc, www.radiantandtimeless.com

“Jenev’s relationship and business coaching opened my eyes to how they are one and the same and feed each other in my own world at present. I had not been open to seeing this previously, and was enlightened as to the easy techniques and disciplines that changed everything into a blossoming and expanding experience in both areas of my life. The deep and super smart background of study combined with Jenev’s talent as a coach led me to success! I am very happy with the result.”

Tara Hanrahan, NYC Tara Hanrahan, NYC, www.tarahanrahan.com

“I reached out to Jenev because I knew my relationship with my boyfriend had some areas that needed my attention, but since we all have blind spots I was struggling to identify exactly what they were and how to work on them. Jenev helped me to hone in on the sticking points in my relationship and identify what I needed to speak with my boyfriend about (things we’d both been avoiding speaking about to some extent). Since working with Jenev I feel like my awareness about how me and my partner behave in the context of our relationship (and why) has grown significantly, and I’m looking forward to reaping the rewards of this new found awareness for many years to come. Jenev is highly insightful, caring, and understanding and I would highly recommend her as a relationship coach.”

Francoise Everett Francoise Everett, www.FrancoiseEverett.com

“I worked with Jenev in the format of a mini-intensive. I wasn’t quite sure why I had signed up for a mini-intensive, other than I was called to it. I have a wonderful relationship, yet Jenev’s expertise on helping women entrepreneurs with their relationships greatly appealed to me because I had at one point felt like I couldn’t do both, build a business AND maintain a relationship. Our time together was deep and incredibly powerful. It was unexpected because while I wasn’t sure what issue to work on, I got so clear on my relationship that when I saw patterns of struggle within myself, I could go back to our conversation and get clear that it was my issue popping up again. Jenev helped me understand that the beautiful man in my life just wants to love me. As a divorced mom building a business, and in a long-distance relationship, sometimes I feel pulled in many directions. I would sometimes question whether I can really do it all. As it turns out, I can. I have it all. I love that I didn’t wait until there was a big problem to resolve. I chose to do an intensive with Jenev so that I could be aware of how to continue to nurture my relationship while successfully build my business. Every time we see each other, it’s better than the previous time. And my business is growing too! Thank you Jenev for your guidance and support, and your ability to keep going deeper.”

Madelaine Coelyn Madelaine Coelyn, www.lafemmevitale.com

“Dr. Jenev Caddell is truly in a league of her own.  Her loving fierceness is what so many women need, most especially if on an entrepreneurial path.  All of her credentials and training are impressive, but what really made her coaching stand out is what she stands for- which is women being successful in BOTH love and career.  Our sessions felt like a fireworks display, with epiphany after epiphany exploding, then lovingly wrapped up with clear action steps.  Jenev Caddell is truly a gift to all women striving to have it all.”

Sarah Hahn, PhD – former supervisor, known for her superlatives

Dr. Caddell is the best clinician I know.  She is very kind and empathic and makes you feel totally understood.  She has helped me immensely, personally and professionally. She makes Carl Rogers look like a Cranky Grouch. She makes Sigmund Freud look like he never had an original idea. She makes Maslow look like he didn’t know squat about the Hierarchy of Needs. She makes Marsha Linehan look like Marsha Brady. She is trained in this new, 4th wave of therapy, that is like, blowing the lid off of everything. She has particular areas of expertise in helping with relationships and helping women succeed as entrepreneurs. She is a genius and can totally improve your relationship if you want that. And she can help you get rich! But perhaps you want to remain poor and unhappy in your relationship, in which case, don’t reach out to her. But seriously, I would never say this if she was not the best. I used to work with her and everything is much much worse without her regular guidance in my life. She makes everything better. I desperately tried to recruit her here but she is in her new business now, happy and free. You can be too. My loss can be your gain.”


"When I began working with Jenev, I was really frustrated, stressed, and sad about the state of my relationship with my husband.  Although I knew I really loved him, I felt misunderstood and unsupported, particularly when it came to my business, and any attempts to communicate with him about it seemed to make the problem worse.  When I began my work with Jenev, I was at the end of my rope, as I could see all the areas in my life being affected by this.  I was also desperate for help, as I had no intention of walking away from the marriage, but I knew I couldn’t live like this anymore.  During our very first session, I gained so much clarity and awareness about what was REALLY going on, and how I could do my part to change it.  When I implemented her strategies and suggestions, there was an immediate turnaround in our relationship, and it just continues to get better.  I cannot thank Jenev enough for the HUGE change she has helped bring to my life- so much more joy, fun, and love.  I also feel so much more confident as a result of the improvements in our relationship, and I know our kids notice the difference as well.  I am so deeply thankful for Jenev and her work- she gave me my marriage and my happy household back, and I cannot rave about her enough.  She is the real deal and amazing to work with.  She is incredibly understanding in her approach, and she can cut to the heart of the matter with honesty and clarity in a really supportive way.  I could not be happier with the results of my work with Jenev, and I could not have made a better investment when it comes to my relationship.  Thank you Jenev!!!"

What people have said about their experience in a Hold Me Tight® weekend workshop led by Drs. Jenev Caddell and Kristin Kolozian:

“We’ve had the most effective and “real” conversations we’ve had in a long time.”

“I would recommend this book/workshop to every couple.”

“Stay the course.  Stay through to the end, it’s worth it…it has taught me some very valuable, very important lessons.”

“It has been more effective than 5.5 months of intensive couples therapy.”

“We needed a skill set to tackle our hardest conversations w/o resentment getting in the way. We were stuck in patterns.  We feel we can start practicing and get somewhere now.”

“It helped develop empathy for (my girlfriend), myself even, and other relationships.”

“Be open to good things happening by being present and listening to your feelings and your partner’s.  It has the potential to blow your hair back!”

“You will grow and benefit tremendously from the availability of the individual work.  Take advantage of it.  Don’t be scared or hold back.”

“You guys were awesome.  THANK YOU!”